Voltbet.com: Sports betting online is still legal


By Dianne Bayley

Don’t let the news confuse – Voltbet.com is legal

If you’re a sports better, here’s what you need to know: Online gambling is illegal; online sports betting is not.

Internet or online gambling, as per the notice from the National Gambling Board and the recent High Court judgement, refers to online casino gambling, including online poker. Powerbet Gaming, the official operator of Voltbet.com, is a South African operation fully licensed by The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board to offer internet sports betting and online bookmaking services.

Odds are you’ve been confused by media statements. Here’s a tip from the Voltbet.com team: As a sports better, you’re in the clear.

voltbetlogo1We’re a nation of sports lovers, and every one of us “knows” who is going to win . . . so now South Africans can turn their passionate sports knowledge into winnings on Voltbet, the country’s premier locally licensed, designed and legally-operated sports betting website.

Group marketing and sales director Daniel Kustelski believes Voltbet.com will change the face of online sports betting with its ease of use and variety of betting options. “We had good traffic through the Soccer World Cup and are backing ourselves to capture around 10% of the R700-million South African online sports betting market in the next two years,” he says, citing best returns and fast payouts as two of the reasons for an excellent sign up rate so far.

David Manaway, CEO of Powerbet, the proudly South African online gaming software supplier that designed and built the Voltbet.com proprietary software, says the online sports betting market in South Africa is a very young industry and one that is full of potential. “It’s about having an excellent product that our market trusts and giving online betters options across all sports and all types of bets. Besides the user-friendly interface that makes getting started exceptionally simple, we also have a customer call centre and a team with over 20 years of experience in trading, support and sports marketing.”

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The Primedia/Oxypite partnership has brought together vast experience in both online sports betting and smart design, resulting in a site that offers tutorials for absolute beginners, drop down menus that highlight global events, and odds as placed by experts in the sports betting field. “From a R2.00 bet on a single horse to putting a few hundred on a final score in a football match, Voltbet.com enhances the fun of backing your choices,” says Kustelski.

From Premier Soccer League to international rugby and cricket, South Africans have good knowledge and strong opinions on who will win. “Now they can make it pay in a secure online environment from the comfort of their own home,” Manaway says.

The run-up to Voltbet.com’s official launch saw an integrated national campaign online and off, with some 13 billboards bringing the site address to high traffic areas. Primedia’s Geraint Crwys-Williams says: “This is a slick and professional sports betting operation that doesn’t require you to be technical or even a big gamer to place a bet. Our message is that all you need to be is over 18 – the rest is point, click and have fun.”

The Voltbet.com launch is set to be as slick as the site itself, complete with sports broadcasting personalities, beautiful VoltBetties (and their Aston Martin BettieMobile), competitions and coverage in all media. “We’re putting our money on the sports betting public coming to Voltbet.com to have some fun with their sporting knowledge and enjoying a unique experience,” Kustelski says.  voltbetties

The übersexy VoltBetties

Paris has its Eiffel Tower, Voltbet has . . . VoltBetties! Every great destination has an icon and VoltBet.com has Alyssa, Victoria, Nomsa, Melissa, Jorden and Natalia, the sultry, sexy sirens who stop traffic in their BettieMobile.

Brand ambassadors and activators, the VoltBetties are making waves across South Africa as they highlight news and events for online sports betting fans. Regal and retro, they’re the face of the überhottest online sports betting platform in South Africa, VoltBet.com. They’re all a-Twitter, they’re on Facebook and they’ll be offering hot odds and spicy news to Voltbet fans who sign up.

Follow their adventures – and have a few of your own – by registering for the best betting odds online at www.voltbet.com

Becoming a Voltbet-ter . . .

Signing up with www.voltbet.com is extremely simple. Because we’re a legal operation, though, we’ll need information from you that will take just a few minutes to complete – but will ensure that you’re betting safely and we’re able to pay out correctly.

Call up our home page and click on “register” at the top right of the screen. From there, enter your info as requested. Make sure you read our terms and conditions and, once you’re signed in, explore all the options listed in the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen. If you get stuck, click “help” – and then choose the help option that best suits your request.

Our contact details enable you to call or e-mail us with your queries. It’s smart, it’s simple and it’s easy to get started.

To keep up with all our news and developments, “friend” us on Facebook and Twitter – both Voltbet and VoltBetties have fan pages where you can exchange ideas and suggestions.

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