Puppies and kittens need people

76 views November 24th, 2014 By Kenneth Davison

By Kenneth Davison


There are two types of people in the world, cat people and dog people. Some people like the sophistication that comes with worshiping a fluff ball and others love the energy and passion that can only be shared with a dog (no prizes for guessing which person I am). But on a more serious note, I am a firm believer that every home should have a puppy and/or a kitty as no family is complete without these adorable blessings. And for those with allergies, get a hedgehog because they are cute, and everyone loves a hedgie.

I had been living without dogs or cats at home for nearly two years when my wife and I decided that we needed to change the status quo a little. A cute, fluffy bundle of joy is what the house was missing. My wife had also subscribed to what seems like every animal shelter in the world and I was being bombarded with photos of puppies and kittens that needed to be adopted. We looked at each other and made the decision to adopt a rescue puppy.

I did a little research into the various rescue centres and some of the work they do in society. I was alarmed to learn that they do not simply receive a shipment of puppies for adoption. In many cases the animals are rescued from breeder farms. I was more than disgusted to learn that there are some people who only breed puppies and kittens to sell them, often subjecting them to torturous conditions, poor nutrition and no medical care so that they can increase their profit margins.

These breeder monsters differ from most professional breeders, who take pride in their animals. It turns out that a professional has to be registered in order to breed. Many take so much pride in their litters that they will do inspections and checks before they entertain the thought of letting their priceless litter go. Breeders, unfortunately, rarely take any pride and will keep the puppy/kitten stored in a cage all day, every day. In addition to the physical deformities that may arise, the puppies are often taken away from their mother too early and this has further developmental implications.

With my research done and my resolve to rescue a puppy even stronger, we headed to Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand. Their facilities were of a much higher standard than I expected, largely because I imagine they are under huge financial strain to keep their operations going. We had a good walk around the facility, learnt a lot about the work they do and discovered that they apply a stringent process when adopting to mitigate the risk of the rescued animal being abused further.

Ark Animal Centre

Ark Animal Centre

Our second stop was Ark Animal Centre near Lanseria Airport. When we arrived we were greeted by a number of dogs and children on their walk but we soon found that Ark applies a free-roaming policy to many of the dogs, so we got to see many dogs playing in their natural environment and not in cages. We happened to spot a particularly naught puppy who was trying to escape the jersey they put on her (it was a Sharks rugby jersey, so good start). We fell in love and before we knew it they had phoned our references and we had a puppy we could take home. Before we took little Amber (formerly Buttercup) home, we did have to sign a contract which states that there are some free vaccinations and deworming for an initial period, as well as a fully paid sterilisation.

The work being done by these, and many other, shelters is phenomenal. It must take a huge effort and lots of heart to perform these charitable functions. We now have our own cute ball of fluff thanks to them. I fully recommend anyone who is looking to get a companion to go to a rescue centre and find that bundle of love (and terror if you leave your clothes lying around).

Kitty and Puppy Haven

Website: http://www.kittypuppyhaven.org.za/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kittypuppyhaven!

Phone number: 010 224 0760

Email: info@kittyhaven.co.za

Ark Animal Centre

Website: www.arkanimalcentre.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArkAnimalCentre

Phone number: 087 742 2211

Email: info@arkanimalcentre.co.za

Joburg’s hottest new street market

149 views November 21st, 2014 By Jacqui Thompson
Picture: The Sheds@1FoxStreet

Picture: The Sheds@1FoxStreet

Picture: The Sheds@1FoxStreet

Picture: The Sheds@1FoxStreet

flowers-400by Jacqui Thompson

A new market has opened in a beautiful historical site in downtown Joburg and its causing a stir for all the right reasons.

Nude Audio: Sound on the go this festive season

90 views November 17th, 2014 By admin

citysearch-nude-audioBy ITShowcase

Gone are the days of connecting sound to your speakers, whether it be from your phone, tablet or laptop. With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, you can now listen to your music anywhere and everywhere without any interruption from your gadgets with the Nude Audio.

Nude Audio is a new audio company whose founders have deep roots in product design, fashion and audio manufacturing. This new brand launches fun, chic and inexpensive portable speakers under their Move Range.

Chester Missing can be found - at Emerald Resort & Casino

77 views November 17th, 2014 By administrator

Conrad Koch, comedian, ventriloquist and public speaker - better known as Chester Missing - will be performing at Emerald Resort & Casino’s citysearch-chester-missing-at-emerald1‘Dinner & Show’ evening on the 10th December 2014. Conrad is one of South Africa’s premier comedians who, as recently demonstrated, is not afraid to get into the faces of both people and brands!

This December, guests at Emerald Resort & Casino can be entertained by his cunning wit, razor sharp comedy and his three eccentric puppet people – Chester Missing, the now famous  household name and outspoken political analyst, the precocious monster Ronnie and a bad attitude ostrich called Hilary.

Limited tickets for the evening are available through Computicket at R250 per person. Dinner & Show will take place at 19h00 in Kilimanjaro conference room at the four star Emerald Hotel. Doors open at 18h30. A full three course buffet dinner will be served and a cash bar is available for refreshments.

For Johannesburger’s, Emerald Resort and Casino is just a 45 minute drive and offers a variety of accommodations and attractions for the whole family, including shows, Animal World, the Aquadome and much more!

More information on Emerald Resort & Casino
Tel: 016 982 8000
Twitter: @emerald_resort

Coming this weekend - Parkview Christmas Market

139 views November 10th, 2014 By Dianne Bayley


Diarise the most important dates on the Joburg calendar - 28 November to 30 November 2014 - for the massively popular Parkview Christmas Market.  As usual, George Hay Park in Parkview will be bursting at the seams over this weekend with Christmas shoppers and families visiting the renowned Parkview Christmas Market which is now in its eighth year.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get all your Christmas shopping done and dusted well before the big day arrives, but more importantly the Christmas Market is a time for family togetherness, and truly embodies the spirit of the season. This popular event offers a festive atmosphere with Christmas lights, decorations, cuisine and live entertainment for all to enjoy.

There’s nothing like Durban during December holidays!

2,740 views November 3rd, 2014 By Dianne Bayley

uShaka Marine World

Vistors to uShaka Marine World can get a close up view of some of the more unusual sea creatures at Sea World’s aquarium (Image: uShaka Marine World)

With the Festive Season coming up, South Africans know that Durban on the KwaZulu Natal coastline is a fabulous place to take the family. There’s nothing quite like that warm Indian Ocean, with massive crashing waves that delight surfers and wave-watchers . . .

Durban and its surrounding areas is geared to entertain locals and tourists, offering everything from golden beaches to game viewing and glimpses of authentic Zulu culture. The balmy, sub-tropical  climate ensures that outdoor activities can be enjoyed throughout the year. The busy port makes Durban the second-most important economic area in the country after Gauteng.

Many of Durban’s top tourist activities are linked in some way to the bountiful Indian Ocean, but there is still much to do for those who have had done sand and surf and want a little extra.

Rickshaw rides

Sugar magnate Sir Marshall Campbell might be surprised to know that his two main legacies to Durban have nothing to do with sugarcane. His estate became Durban’s most-populous township, KwaMashu (place of Marshall); while the rickshaw - the transportation he introduced from India in the 1890s for his wife - is one of the enduring images of the city.

Richelieu virtual racing game raises chequered flag

133 views October 30th, 2014 By Dianne Bayley

itshowcase-gamersBy ITShowcase.co.za

Richelieu brandy has created a virtual racing game to bring the thrilling experience of a race closer to South Africans who love motorsport.

Intended for quick entertainment, the Richelieu Le Concourse Experience game can be played on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers and consists of a racing car which has to be scrolled or swiped down the page towards the finish line as fast as possible.   When the user crosses the finish line they are given their lap time, and can either try again to better their lap time or share their score on Twitter or Facebook.

“The brief was to create an experience that brings to life Richelieu’s motorsport credentials in a fun and intuitive manner,” said Richelieu Marketing Manager Jeremy Thompson. “The game is intended for some quick entertainment and to share with friends – inviting them to compete to see if they can beat your score.”

User Experience Director Ron de Stadler from digital agency Liquorice said that the biggest challenge was creating an experience that was consistent across multiple devices while at the same time playing to the strengths of each device.

SA Online Presence is ZADNA’s Business

171 views October 28th, 2014 By Nomfundo

It was a glamorous yet intimate night at the Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton City recently as members of the media were treated to a dinner with none other than the CEO of Za Domain Name Authority (Zadna), Mr Vika Mpisane. The well-spoken gent, clad in a black suit, took his guests through the internet industry trends both locally and globally!

But first,  let us unpack what Zadna is and why the entity essential for the internet industry?

Established as a statutory entity in accordance with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002, the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) is one of the entities that fall under the ambit of the South African Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services (DTPS). ZADNA is the regulator and manager of .ZA – South Africa’s Internet namespace - and regulates registries (that is, the entities operating 2nd level domain (SLD) databases such as ac.zaco.zagov.za and org.za) and registrars (the internet service providers that registers domain names or website addresses in the SLDs on their clients’ behalf). Currently .za is the biggest namespace in Africa with around 980 000 names registered in the SLDs.

In regulating .za, the Act requires ZADNA to comply with international domain name best practices, and that is why in 2012 it launched the ZA Central Registry (ZACR). The ZACR already provides a centralised operational platform for SLDs, and already operates co.zanet.zaorg.za and web.za. This best-practice operational facility is also home to dotAfrica and the newly launched dotCapeTown, dotDurban and dotJoburg top level domains.

ZADNA also develops policy, set standards and publish guidelines and policies on the administration and management of the .ZA namespace. Its policies ensure that registries and registrars adhere to fair business practices and protect consumer interests ranging from service affordability to privacy issues. This responsibility also sees ZADNA participating in key internet development and governace fora internationally, including ICANN and Internet Governance Forum. The ECT Act also requires ZADNA to provide policy advice to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services on matters relating to the internet domain name system.

The education and awareness responsibility that is fast becoming key priority for ZADNA. In a country with around 50 million people and with a fast internet penetration rate (around 50% of the population have internet access), more needs to be done to educate South Africans about the virtues, opportunities and challenges the internet presents. ZADNA’s focus is in promoting usage of .za website and domain names, and this is because .za identifies South African websites. If a URL or email address ends with “.za”, you know you are in South Africa’s internet space. ZADNA is working to rally South Africans behind .za so that every South African online carries and promotes South Africa’s namespace.

ZADNA appreciates that choice, reliability, security and integrity of .za namespace is key if the public is to have confidence that their online presence under .za is secure and reliable. Several activities are aimed towards this goal. Amongst others, the ZACR project was launched to ensure that the .za infrastructure is robust, reliable and secure. The ZACR domain name fees remain one of the most affordable worldwide – an important ingredient in providing internet access to all. Then there is the .za Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) regulations which, since 2007, have worked successfully to resolve domain name disputes and to eliminate cybers-quatting.

ZADNA recently re-launched net.za and web.za – 2 SLDs that have not been accepting new registrations for years. The re-launch provides South Africans with alternatives to co.za, so that if names are not available in co.za (which is the biggest SLD with around 950 000 names already), people can still secure them in net.za or web.za.

Realising that educating South Africans about the internet requires several players, ZADNA is now embarking on different partnerships with the media, internet bodies, business and government. These partnerships will help ZADNA interact better with the public, and get the public to know that they can always call on ZADNA for issues relating to online presence.

For further information on ZADNA visit www.zadna.org.za.

Summer’s here - mielie bread and braai time!

2,834 views October 27th, 2014 By Dianne Bayley

Also known  in other parts of the world as “corn bread”, this makes a delicious accompaniment to a braai (barbeque) or even grilled chops and salad.

480g self raising flour (+/- 3tsp BP in 480g flour)
50 ml sugar
30 ml cooking oil
2 eggs
200ml milk
1 tin (410g) cream-style sweet corn
100g strong cheese, grated
Grated onion
Chopped parsley

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War Horse thunders into South African theatres

159 views October 25th, 2014 By Jacqui Thompson
War Horse showing in Johannesburg and Cape Town only

War Horse showing in Johannesburg and Cape Town only

By Jacqui Thompson

War Horse the international phenomenon  is finally home. It has been seen by over 5 million people worldwide and if you’ve ever tried to get a ticket while travelling abroad, you know how difficult that is even though the show has been running for seven years.